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Why bother with Leather?

Some people don't give a... second thought about the material that their guitar strap is made from. Many, even well-known names, seem to be happy with cheap, functional brands. I imagine they just replace them as soon as they get a bit tatty.

Leather, though, has a special appeal to many - you're reading this so have a passing interest, at least.

For me it's to do with, in particular, the way it develops with use.
A pair of leather shoes, for instance, are usually a bit weird when they're brand new. They don't feel quite comfortable, they look like they don't quite belong. Maybe they're shiny but they don't yet have any of that deep glow...
Live with them for a few months and they feel part of you.

For the same reasons, for me, given the choice, a leather guitar strap has always been the way to go. It breathes, it lasts, it complements a fine instrument, it can be made to have exactly the right amount of grip on your shoulder...
Once it's used to you, it's just comfy.

I made the mistake years ago of parting with one that had settled in with me. Left it attached to a bass that I was selling. A silly move.

That's how I came to start making them. Couldn't find a replacement.

Some will argue that you have to spend a lot of time looking after leather, whereas a plain old nylon one wouldn't need any attention.
Fact is that leather gets on very nicely thankyou without any cosseting and will do so for a very long time.
And with a tiny bit of coaxing, for even longer than that.
(See Leather Care)

It's not sweaty, either.

Anyway, if you've never owned a leather strap, you've missed out on a treat.
Just give one a bit of time to get to know you and it'll be a friend for life.
Better and better
For personal use, I don't really like brand-new leather items all that much.

Heresy, eh?

Well I do, of course, like the smell and the delight of something newly-made, but it's what happens to it through use that really appeals.

Straps made from other materials can be great when they're new. But I wouldn't be expecting to have to buy a new leather one after just a couple of years.

Heavy leather just gets better and better the more you use it.
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