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As well as being a control-freak and a pedant, I'm also Big Brother wary. I'm not talking about some silly television programme here, but the concept in George Orwell's original book 'Nineteen Eighty-Four' (See, e.g.). And to paraphrase from another of Orwell's works, it may be that all cookies are equal, but some are more equal than others.

The only cookies that you will get from my site are those generated by my web-hosting company's 'server' - the computer system that the website runs on, or from. Basically, it counts my visitors.

Cookies are normally benign. The only reason that some people, (me, for one), are a little bit wary of some of them is because of what's known as 'tracking'.
Our progress around the worldwide web can be traced and recorded - Google (and Facebook etC) do this as a matter of course. Now, this can be quite useful to us - our search-engine1 results can be personalised, for instance. But that, in turn, means that people that we will never meet can know things about us that they might interpret in their own ways.
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on cookies
This is just fine and hunky-dory whilst we're living under relatively liberal governance. I see nothing in history to reassure me that that won't change tomorrow and anyway, you personally might not be living under any such governance.

As a summary of typical use, I have copied my web-hosting company's exemplar statement on cookies HERE. I use a company called TSOHost https://www.tsohost.com (link opens in new window/tab) and I'm very pleased with the way they operate.

As a matter of interest, I use Firefox - well, actually, a stripped-down derivative called Pale Moon - and set all cookies to 'Keep For Session Only' EXCEPT from the sites where I need them to behave otherwise.
(Tools/Options/Privacy/History/(Use Custom Settings)/Keep Until/(Ask Me Every Time)
It's a pain for a while until the common 'Advert'-type cookies have been set, then it calms down.

1  There are alternatives to the Google-type systems. See links on left, for a start.
(And, yes, there are differences)