Elliptical image og leather guitar strap end
I'm interested in providing you with a strap that suits you exactly.

In the Scheme Of Things an instrument strap matters not one jot.
Many players are happy with mass-produced items. A bit of string can work.

But if you're going to bother with bespoke...

My aim is to make straps that are, functionally, unnoticeable. A strap should clip onto your instrument, hook over your shoulder and away you go. Every time.
That way, for you as a player, all of your concerns can be with the music you are about to play.

But, of course, if it looks good as well... that's gotta be cool.

My car goes around corners nicely without me having to correct for its road-holding behaviour, but its construction also pleases me. The curves, the mechanical details; the Engineering and how it lasts. Form and function go hand-in-hand.

I believe that I've said elsewhere on this website that the real delight in heavy leather for me is how it looks and behaves - not so much when it is brand new, but when it matures.

My core designs are biased towards practicality. I quite like little design excursions into the surreal whether in shape or colour, but I always like the leather to be able to speak for itself.

Design - Ramblings - 1

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A simple leather bass strap

was all I was looking for.

Visited a lot of local shops. Nada. Lots of hideous things with plastic trim and bad design. Could do that better myself I thought in that arrogant mood borne out of frustration.

Well, I think I have.
But what do you reckon?