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A One Size Fits All Guitar Strap?

I don't think so

I'd like to be able to offer a strap in a size that could adjust to fit anybody, but that's not practicable for an elegant, shaped design.

1. Design Limitations

I put comfort, ergonomics and elegance at the top of the design criteria list for the core range.

Whilst it is perfectly possible* to have a one-piece strap made to a fixed size that would exactly match you and a particular guitar, most of us prefer the option of at least a little adjustment.
(*Provided that it's not longer than the leather hide available, of course).

The size of the shoulder pad affects the nature of the whole strap and is where I begin from in the design process. Its width and length governs how well the weight is spread over your shoulder. I started making straps in the first place because I couldn't find one in the shops that was suitable for my bass - they were all too flimsy or too narrow or both.
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