Elliptical image og leather guitar strap end
These are some of the photographs that I took to illustrate my brief straplocks reviews.
Click on an image for larger versions. They open in individual 'lightbox' frames - couldn't lay them out nicely and get them into one lightbox gallery at the same time.

Straplocks - Photographs

The Marvels again for comparison -one disassembled
All of these straplock photos except the last are of the Fender 'F' series
It's a Burns Vista-Sonic
1962-63 by my research, but I'm willing to be persuaded otherwise if you have better sources. [ContactMe form]
The headstock repair is my own; someone had dealt a mighty blow to the poor thing before I bought it and a small knock during a rehearsal revealed the true extent of that - the headstock just folded over. Hence the 1/8" brass reinforcement plate, into which I incorporated a little flourish.
P.S. I've put the chromed bridge cover back on recently, so it looks even more 'period'.
P.P.S. Oh yeah: It plays very nicely, with an excellent range of sounds through an Ashdown ABM Evo III running into a 15" Celestion, in a tuned reflex cabinet that I designed for it. Might get round to publishing the details of that little venture sometime.
Fenders on strap on Burns
Fenders on strap Burns close-up1
Fenders on strap Burns close-up2
Fenders on strap Burns close-up3
Fenders on Burns close-up
Fenders close-up
Fenders on strap close-up1
Fenders on strap close-up2
Fenders on strap close-up3
Fenders in package
Marvels - one disassembled
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