Elliptical image og leather guitar strap end
The Marvels
Yeah, well... they're OK.
I'd gone looking for the Schallers or Fenders or maybe Dunlop, but Allegro Music in Leigh-on-Sea were out of stock of all but the Marvels on that day. I remember that they cost less than the others would have done but not the exact price.

They're fairly solidly-made, chromed steel with copper under-plating and everything went together as it should.
I was a bit unhappy about how much bigger than the standard button-hole the actual strap-clip 'neck' was. (See Straplock Design) The leather eased out enough in the end. Stretched the hole for when I upgraded to the Fenders, though. Had to make up a little leather washer to fill the gap.

The pillars that get fitted to the guitar body went on fine. The thread on the screws that they provide didn't need a bigger hole, and the thread wasn't ragged.
No felt washers.

Used them for a couple of years and they did their job, more-or-less.

Two things:
They're a little bit pernickety about unclipping sometimes - the pull angle has to be just nice.
A more serious flaw - the strap-clip part unscrews itself.

It's not completely disastrous - after the first time that I spotted the washer flapping about I just kept my eyes open and re-tightened it when necessary. 'Most every time I used it...
It's just an irritating design fault - the thread on the clip is too coarse.
[Also see THIS]

Could put tools on the knurling. Could use Loctite. Shouldn't be necessary.
I'll update this if and when I get
my hands on other models

Straplocks - Brief Reviews

The Fenders
These are what Fender call their 'F' series. They come in chrome, black or gold. I paid about £12 for them at Rainbow Music over in Barleylands near Billericay (Essex UK) (March 2013)

Seems to be a solid brass body. Slightly more refined than the Marvels, they feature the same mechanism.
You do get felt washers to tighten onto and to protect the lacquer on the guitar.

The neck of the strap-clip part fitted nicely through a standard quarter-inch button hole. The strap-gripping thread is finer than on the Marvels.

The thread on the screws that hold the pillars to the guitar body weren't ragged, they generated no problems whilst fitting and the felt washer compressed down without tearing.

The locks clip on and off the pillars on the instrument quite nicely and they haven't gone loose on the strap so far.
(Although read THIS)

Oh, yes: they do hold the instument onto the strap. All of the time.
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for a closer view

The Mechanism

Both the Fenders and the Marvels use the same system - a spring-loaded body with a dished pull-up mechanism that allows small ball-bearings to move in and out of a machined groove.
Pull this 'lip' mechanism up and the balls go loose. Release and they lock into the groove.
Needs a tiny bit of oil from time-to-time.
I had to buy a pair of straplocks
in a bit of a pre-gig rush when I started playing my electric bass regularly again. The ones that I bought were called 'Marvel'.
The Marvels removed, one disassembled
The Fender 'F' Series fitted to the Burns
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for a closer view
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Marvel straplocks - one disassembled
Fender F-series on Burns
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