Elliptical image og leather guitar strap end

A note about colours in photographs

Colours in any photograph and especially on websites differ from reality.

This isn't meant as a philosophical point about all of the possible alternative realities out there.
That'll have to wait for another day, another website, another reality.

It's just that it's tricky to accurately reproduce the colours of any object that we might have in front of us from the image photographed and re-created on paper or screen.

It's OK for holiday snaps; the broad contrasts between the main colours keep our eyes happy enough. But direct comparisons... put a 'white' piece of paper next to a 'white' part of the screen that's in front of you right now...    Ah.

So please bear in mind that, just because the exquisite faded tobacco hue from the sunburst finish of your '59 ES335 seems to be perfectly matched by that shirt you spotted on eBay, it doesn't mean that they'll blend when you get them alongside each other. Same with strap colours.

I spend Time trying to get my images just nice but, so far, I've never been properly satisfied. That's part of the reason for the written descriptions.

I do not want you to be getting something that you weren't expecting.

Having said all of that, the full-colour images above are not hugely different on my screen, (an HP dv7 3105ea laptop), from the actual straps that I have in my hands right now.

The reflection/highlight has bleached out the mid-line colour on the edge-fade image.

Something to compare
I often add a note alongside the pictures of the straps that I sell, describing the dye colours that I have used.
The range that I select from currently is Feibing's 'Professional Oil Dye'.
Their 'Saddler's Tan' is typical of the 'light tan' we are familiar with on shoes.
Well, some shoes...
The left-hand strap has a 'fade' that starts with Saddler's Tan and runs through to Dark Brown, (the centre is lightly dyed), whilst the right-hand strap is Mahogany.
This still doesn't mean that you and I have the same colours in front of us, though...
It's all in the small print
The problems are in the details that I cannot have complete control of:
my photographic conditions, (camera, indoors, outdoors... time of day, cloud cover...), your computer and its settings, (video card, white balance, brightness, web browser...). Bleurgh.
One day I'll set up a proper photographic studio booth, with lighting that I can control, a test-card image next to the photos... and then a... blah, blah, blah... yeah, yeah...
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Edge-dyed hand-made leather guitar strap
Single-colour hand-made leather guitar strap