Elliptical image og leather guitar strap end

'Equus' Series Design Trial

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Saddler's-Tan dyed

Heavyweight leather throughout

Strap adjustment via 'hook-billets' -
as used on horse bridles
I've been using this one for the Burns bass.
Wide pad suits long gigs. Actually any gig with the Burns.

These lighter tints are notoriously difficult to apply evenly. Have a method - nothing that earth-shattering - and I'll try to make time to get my notes here.

For production, the design will have some minor modifications:

The main strap is slightly too thick, (well, it would support my 15" cab, never mind the bass...), and doesn't 'sit' quite as nicely in the hook-billets or around the three-bar slide as I would like.

[P.S. November 2013: Thinking of doing away with the slide altogether - I only need it because I've followed the typical horse-bridle design of doubling the strap around it.
If I put the hook-billets on a separate length - as in a standard buckle system - then I can have the central / main strap as a continuous run across the shoulder pad.
Only thing is: I rather like the slide, even though it makes the strap a little bulky at that point...]

I'm also going to put a third slot at each each end of the pad as I have in the 'Trad' model. The back-end nose of the pad tends to roll under itself when I lift the neck of the bass - the Burns is one of those early 1960's 'Vista-Sonic' models and heavy as... a heavy thing.
[There's a photo of the Burns here if you're interested].
[Actually, the photos are there regardless; it's not a Schrรถdinger moment].

Pretty pleased with my design otherwise. Saddle-tan always looks classy and the adjuster is an interesting system. I do like that functional, horse-bridle look. I'm planning a slimmer, even-more horse-tack-like model. I'll probably try it with some other dyeing patterns - solid black is one obvious option.

Equus Prototype - Adjuster Detail
Equus Prototype 1 detail
Equus Prototype 1 detail 2
Equus Prototype 1 detail 3
'Equus' Trial 'Rugged' Trial